What Is The Difference Between Cash Bail And Bail Bonds In Norwalk?

Bail bonds, and cash bonds may be confusing to some people. Especially those who have never had to deal with a situation where a family member, or close friend has been arrested. To have a defendant released, bail has to be paid to the court, and to do this, most people will seek the assistance of a professional  bail bonds company such as ours.

Bail Bond agencies do not post cash bail on behalf of a defendant. Cash bail is the monetary deposit required by the court to secure the release of a defendant until their court date. People who have the finances to post this, can do so without the assistance of a bail bonds company. There are however, disadvantages to posting a cash bail.

One of the drawbacks to posting a cash bail is that fines, and costs tend to be substantially higher, than when a surety bond is used. This is because the court believes, if someone has the money to pay their bail in cash, then their “ability to pay” is deemed better than someone who needs to seek assistance from a company such as Norwalk Bail Bonds, to raise the bail.

Another disadvantage to paying cash bail up front, is that depending on the court’s rulings, the defendant may not be eligible for a court appointed legal defense. The thinking behind this is if someone can pay that much cash up front, then they obviously have the money to pay for their own defense attorney. Even if the court permits the appointment of a public defender after a cash bail is posted, the money to pay for the public defender is going to be taken out of the cash bail money, before it is returned to the defendant at the end of their court case.

A bail bond however, is when a defendant and/or their co-signer enters into an agreement with a bail bond firm such as ours to post the bail on the defendant’s behalf. The defendant and/or their co-signer will only have to come up with the bail bond fee, which is 10% of the total amount of bail. Our bail bonds company is very aware that this can also be a stretch for some people, and can offer a payment plan to qualifying clients. Once the non refundable bail bond fee is organized, our company will post the bail amount on behalf of the defendant.

In most cases, using the services of Norwalk Bail Bonds is the most convenient, and least expensive way to secure a defendant’s freedom. There will however, be strict conditions that must be adhered to in order for the defendant to maintain their freedom up until their appointed court date.

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